Steinberg Cubase, Sonar Home Studio from Cakewalk, Fruityloops FL Studio

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These programmes are not tested by for being any more or less suitable to use with the books, except that they are respectably open-source & free. Open source sequencers are freeware with the advantage over other free download programs that volunteers might add pieces of code and keep them updated. To digress, there may also be old office computers available free on (uk)
If any listings are wrong please feedback.

Windows & Cross-platform midi sequencers



Jazz++ not yet stable; volunteer help welcome


Anvil: not open source; base is free
Other smaller or less well-known programmes are often cheap or free: chose the "sort by: freeware" option to download from the tucows sofware download site.

Linux users have the widest sequencer choice including


Mac midi sequencers

Mac users may also have a Garageband sequencer as part of the cheap iLife package or occasionally sold separately. Apple likes to offer free training & indocrination through its dealers, and in the USA this runs as far as free lessons in Garageband by way of product demonstrations once a week with six topics demonstrated six-weekly. Worth checking if interested. At the last check there was no sign of free UK training sessions.

Please feedback ideas for other free midi sequencers or try

Commercial midi sequencer file software such as Steinberg Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, or Sonar Home Studio from Cakewalk may be available from some of these advertisers. Wikipedia lists some of the programme's histories & uses. On the commercial links below, Amazon lists some cheap alternatives while Dolphin Music has a page of explanation.

A links list of tutorials is on