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  • The Music History Handbook is an ideal introduction to the history of western music. It is an A4-size, 308 page hardback with fully sewn binding and contains more than 250 illustrations, 238 music examples and 550 links to freely available recordings of key works.£3 UK postage

    £ 19.00
  • A complete guide to MIDI sequencing - bridging the gulf between music and technology guides. 20 complete pieces to record, ranging from Bach to the Blues, Gershwin to the Muppets. With tips on playing, editing and voicing. It also covers synthesizer techniques, writing drum patterns and bass riffs, using MIDI controllers, quantization and more. £1.50 UK...

  • This workbook contains a collection of classical scores with the information needed to record, play and voice them on a sequencer. The authors show how to interpret the music, with special sections for reverb and effects units interpreting classical scores and editing synth voices.£1.50 UK postage

  • The purpose of this book is to help you plan an ensemble performance from beginning to end; what to play; how to set up the rehearsals; what to say and do to get the best out of the musicians as you rehearse. In this way everyone will approach the eventual performance with the feeling that the whole process has been enjoyable and worthwhile.£1.50 UK Postage