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Wind instrument practice software

I don't know much about... Wind instrument practice software Trumpet, Tuba, Horn, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trombone, Flute, Recorder and Euphonium apps that give feedback on your practice. Play Perfect: Music Practice Software free with other trial software such as Crescendo music typography. For guitar/ piano / violin / cello / bass / flute / clarinet / saxophone / trumpet / trombone - no songs included or easy to import for windows 64 bit, XP to Windows 10 [...]  Read more

Voice and singing feedback software

I don't know much about... Singing and voice practice software that gives you instant feedback These apps cropped-up when listing drum keyboard & guitar learning apps, cheapest ones are at the top. Performous describes itself as a shared Karaoke game so it's at the end. These aren't tested or selected by a singing teacher or any of the book authors on this site - they just cropped-up. Vocalizzo Lite FREE but $6 for extra exercises. Open source. Android has [...]  Read more

Fretboard string and guitar practice software

Guitar & strings practice software that gives you feedback on your playing as you learn Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin or fiddle, Viola, Cello are each taught by one of the apps on this page that claims to give instant feedback on practice. The apps are not chosen by a string player or a music teacher or the book authors on this site; they just cropped-up while the web site author was looking for drumming apps. free - but just a chord extractor at the [...]  Read more

Drum practice software: learn drums online

Drum practice software: learn drums with automatic feedback as you play-alongMelodics & Drumeo alternatives FREE: The All in One Music Game for Drums / Vocals / ... -  open source  for desktop computers Opened for me on a Windows 10 desktop PC but not a similar laptop. Also designed for Mac and Linux. I'm not sure how to test this and find out more about what it does. A separate download is called Composer, for importing songs in "various formats including Frets on Fire Midi", so yo [...]  Read more

Keyboard practice software

Keyboard practice software in order of price, low to high:Melodics alternatives FREE Open Source For Windows, Mac and Linux, and so probably for old cheap windows phones - the ones with cracked glass and locked to Vodaphone that you see very cheap on ebay is a fall-back url to find it.Works with a midi piano keyboard, showing notes as staves, piano roll or “waterfall”, as used by computer games like Guitar Hero and the free Clone Hero.Follow [...]  Read more

Don't know much about.... music practice software

I don't know much about music practice software. I didn't write the Music History Handbook or the other books on this website. I just set-up the web site as a clone of my veggie shoe website and am learning an instrument, so I learned a bit about music practice software and here it is. From my Roland DT-1 midi drum practice software, I know that this can [/] show the music to play, starting with something built-in, on moving staves  [/] add some other diagrams of keys or frets drum pads or such [/] s [...]  Read more
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