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Fretboard string and guitar practice software

These are sold to teach yourself to play the guitar, and offer feedback on your playing free - but just a chord extractor at the moment so skip to the next one - named after the spark practice amp from the same firm, for Ios tablets and online.  This is a "pre release beta version". It's described as combining a chord extractor with practice aids, so you can record  a piece of music, break it down into chords, practice it, and get instant feedback to te [...]  Read more

Drum practice software: learn drums online

Drum practice software: learn drums with automatic feedback as you play-along $40 once Occasional discount vouchers shown to people who click-back to the site. Trial versions available on app stores and CNET for desktop.Purely offers a series of 10 instrument-specific practice apps for piano, drums, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and fiddle. The apps run on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, and the desktop versions allow you to add MusicXML files of [...]  Read more

Keyboard practice software

Keyboard practice software: difficult to choose because too easy Searching Google Play for "learn piano" free there are 128 results, slightly related although not all about learning the piano for free. I should have guessed. Notes picked-up from searching the net found a free open source windows program for playing a stave of midi music on a laptop, altering the speed you want, and adding a different sound or a different note colour if it hears a different note through a microphone. Dozens of app developer [...]  Read more

Don't know much about.... music practice software

I don't know much about music practice software. I didn't write the Music History Handbook or the other books on this website. I just set-up the web site and am learning an instrument, so it took a while to start blogging about it. Why would anyone want the google notes of a home music student? Or posts beginning "Don't know much about..."? The answer is that there is no good Wikipedia page on music practice software, maybe because the amount of music software is rather overwhelming. There are dozens of ap [...]  Read more
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