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Voice and singing feedback software

I don't know much about... Singing and voice practice software that gives you instant feedback These apps cropped-up when listing drum keyboard & guitar learning apps, cheapest ones are at the top. Performous describes itself as a shared Karaoke game, with feedback on singing, compatible with drums, so it's at the end. These aren't tested or selected by a singing teacher or any of the book authors on this site - they just cropped-up. Most of the other links are suggested rather than linked, because [...]  Read more

Buying musical instruments for schools and music trusts

Drums  |  Strings  | Keys  |  Singing  |  Blowing    ...are new pages for music practice software, with a section about buying instruments at the bottom of each page secondhand here:Drums  |  Strings  | Keys  |  Singing  |  Blowing Buying instruments for schools & UK music hubs is left here: how can a school or a music trust supply more instruments to 5-18 year olds? A management consultant wrote a check-list for the ministry. There are two unexpected results. Music Hubs could swap more than they do. Th [...]  Read more
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