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Voice and singing feedback software

I don't know much about... Singing and voice practice software that gives you instant feedback These apps cropped-up when listing drum keyboard & guitar learning apps, cheapest ones are at the top. Performous describes itself as a shared Karaoke game so it's at the end. These aren't tested or selected by a singing teacher or any of the book authors on this site - they just cropped-up. Vocalizzo Lite FREE but $6 for extra exercises. Open source. Android has [...]  Read more

Don't know much about.... music practice software

Music Practice software details have moved to drumming | fretboards and stings | keyboards | singing | blowing  Each page lists music practice software, cheapest to most expensive, for that type of instrument, and then lists where to get used musical instruments at ebay and cash converters while suggesting a local search of charity shops and small ads.All that's left on this page is more general A list of reasons why music practice software isn't better known. One if them is that nobody is paid  to prom [...]  Read more
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