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Keyboard practice software

Keyboard practice software in order of price, low to high:
Melodics alternatives FREE Open Source

For Windows, Mac and Linux, and so probably for old cheap windows phones - the ones with cracked glass and locked to Vodaphone that you see very cheap on ebay is a fall-back url to find it.

Works with a midi piano keyboard, showing notes as staves, piano roll or “waterfall”, as used by computer games like Guitar Hero and the free Clone Hero.
Follows your playing speed; it stops when you do as well as allowing your to transpose music.  available on Sourceforge, but doesn't show staves.
From a list of apps using Fluidsource open source sequencer - same as Musescore. 

Play Perfect: Music Practice Software FREE with other trial software such as Crescendo music typography. For guitar/ piano / violin / cello / bass / flute / clarinet / saxophone / trumpet / trombone - songs not easy to import

for windows 64 bit, XP to Windows 10

There are no special exercises for particular instruments or alternatives to the stave diagram; you can't see what buttons to press on wind instruments or where to press a keyboard or fretboard. Crescendo is free for personal use and essential for importing files.

Tools > Options > Instrument > Concert Pitch  and Octave Difference ...
...allows you to adapt for "any tonal instrument, including transposing instruments such as clarinets and trumpets".

A program called Crescendo is bundled with the download, and you can use it to import midi files.“ For best results, try to select music with one instrumental part.” … “maximum two staves”. If you can find midi 1-stave or 2-stave files, open in Crescendo then save in its own format, then open in Practice. I know next to nothing about editing music files but Songs2see, below, has an editor for a similar purpose.

Free to compare one or two staves that it makes from a midi file with your playing, that it hears through a microphone.
This is free but the firm hopes you will download test versions of some other products for music typesetting and suchlike; you can opt-out and they don't mention money or card details: you can use the bundled programs for free as well at least at first and if it's not commercial.

Musicmaster Midi Piano teacher for Keyboard

Untested, like most of these; Found on a trawl of Google Play at where it's well reviewed by people who bring their own midi songs and keyboard. The publisher - - doesn't seem very interested in this because it doesn't earn them money, and they haven't quite settled on a name, and there's not much information about this on search engines except good reviews on the app download page.
"Learn how to play your own music on a keyboard with real-time interactive feedback. MusicMaster enables your phone or tablet to teach you how to play nearly any song from your MIDI-enabled keyboard. Have fun, while intuitively learning how to play your favorite music!"
Without a midi-connected keyboard, the app looks for music on your SD card and comes with Jingle Bells, Brahms Lullabby, Silent Night, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,  Moonlight Sonata, Pachabell's Canon, and Bette Midler's The Rose included. If I understand right, it shows the note you've played in red if isn't one of the black ones on the stave, and shows a keyboard with the pressed notes as well. There's no sign of any other feedback system for drums or fretboard.

Chordana from Casio for listed Casio keyboards and Ios aor Android free for a few Casio keyboards - the list of compatible Casio keyboards.

The software can import midi from a browser, as well as being a keyboard practice program with 50 songs to get you goig/

Free for a list of casio keyboards that have the right USB connection, but it may be time-limited.
Comes-up on Android music app web searches for free but without good reviews for whatever came-up. Other Casio freebies can include Casio Music Academy, based on Gigajam, but I don’t know what you have to buy from Casio to get Casio Music Academy.
Cordana is on Google Play as an app, so worth downloading just to see what you get.

There are two versions of Chordana on Google Play, which is mysterious, as is the mystery of whether this works on other brands of keyboard. Probably not. The price is often a special offer for people who have bought a Casio product, but the offer might be time-limited. $40 once or $29 when on offer

For Windows, Mac, IoS and Android including older versions.
A headphone jack isn’t enough to connect via midi, it says. The site is a good guide to connecting keyboards.
There is a £200 converter for non-midi pianos that sits on the keys, for the same price as a midi keyboard but less likely to turn-up second-hand. The site suggests Yamaha EZ220 which happens to come with a lot of links for free Yamaha learning software as well and sells for about £130-£200 used and new. A lot of the cost is postage. Fremium: free 25 exercises or £100 yearly

Free for the first 25 exercises - see below. On Android and IOS. Lessons 26-400 cost £20 monthly or £100 a year. There is no time limit on using the first 25 exercises, but reviews say that this is an easy, shallow learning-curve. Lessons 1-25 do not get you far.

Real Piano Teacher 2020 by Mobobi LLC + ads for children

Contains ads. Android. The style looks like something aimed at young children. Able to connect to a midi piano keyboard. Game-like, from a company that mainly writes cartoon games. Exercises and demonstrations. Some of them for accordion and flute on the 2020 version. Can be connected to a midi piano according to the Google Play page about the non-2020 version.

Piano Acadamy by $7.99 once for the song library, five songs and the app come free

Free with five lessons. Not sure if you can import your own choice of music. Lessons include links to videos.
Found on Google play from the publishers of a Karaoke app and a virtual keyboard called "Piano - Play and learn free songs". "Academy" means 5 free robot exercises; there are more exercises for sale. Reviews say that it's not working well yet on Android this 2021 but is better on IOS. The songs include Mozart and Bruno Mars. The system works on a tablet computer to match your playing to a stave on the screen. for Saxophone / Clarinet / Piano/ Guitar / Ukulele/ Mandolin / Trumpet / Recorder / Viola / Voice @ €39.90 once

The price is €14.90 if you don't buy the editor functions that can import and tidy-up music XML scores to practice on your own choice of music. 60 exercises included. The editor can be bought separately for €29.90. If you wait long enough, there might be a discount code on the order page.

Correct notes are highlighted in green on a karaoke stave, with "super" written at the top

Fingering is shown in diagrams for each instrument as you play - the songs2see video channel -  shows some detail.

For Windows 10

Purely Guitar / Bass / Acoustic Guitar / Viola / Violin / Cello / Fiddle / Ukelele / Piano / Drums / Bousouki / Lute / Mandolin from £40 once per instrument or £4 monthly

My drum version showed nothing about my playing on the Karaoke screen as I played, or on the notes at the end which track about how long you have practiced each lesson. The only feedback was the built-in tuner.

If you watch the firm's videos like this one, it shows a cursor moving jerkily along the stave, which is hard to follow. So don't buy this without trying the trial first: trial versions available on app stores and CNET for Windows desktop.

For Windows, including old versions, Mac, IOS, Android, Kindle Fire. Discount vouchers sometimes show on the order page. The desktop version can import XML3 music written for the one instrument, otherwise you have to use the 200 or so exercises included. Schools can pay £350 for up to 40 devices on one site. There are free test downloads with one exercise on App stores and CNET for Windows. 

Requires Adobe Air, now at £9 monthly £49 yearly Piano / limited version free

There's a free version without "display of the fingers" -  I haven't tested hat this means - or storage of more than two of your own midi files. They're quite proud of allowing you to use your own midi music for practice and have some instructions showing how to do it.
You can use their 250 songs and exercises, I think, and you can delete your 2 midi files in the free version in order  to upload new ones. There's also no metronome on the free version.
The price in Europ is €9 and €49 as well, and the native language is French with and English version of the website as well.
The team in France is looking for a web designer, it says on the site (read in late 2021) but they don't seem to need one; they've done a very slick job already, guiding users round a lot of bundled-in songs and exercises as well as their catalogue for sale, On the other hand, the waterfall diagram of music over a keyboard looks similar to the open source, free program called Pianobooster at the top of this list. for Keyboard / Guitar / Bass / Drums, works with midi or microphone £10 monthly £149 ONCE for all instruments on one licence

Free for "debut" lessons demonstrating Gigajam itself and the instrument. It also puts you on the mailing list for occasional special offer like a much-reduced price or a long free trial.

The current software is called Extractor 5 and cannot mark your homework till the end of a song. The next edition might give instant feedback. End-of-song feedback is still useful, though, and can be used to get very cheap graded exams grades 1-5  at up to £15 while most exam boards charge £40 or £50 per grade, so this is good for children who want an exam result to aim at.

This is aimed at individuals and at UK music teachers with their 30-odd class sizes and uncertain funding since county music education was privatised to charitable things called a "music hub" in each area. If you are a music hub, you pay 1.5% of funding, if any, to use this and there's a range of other licences.
The standard deal includes video lessons, course notes, and play-alongs as part of a structured course.

Free for casio keyboards with certain serial numbers and vouchers. Argos are in on it. $90 once

The website is down in October 2021. Back up soon after. gives an idea. US-based, for children. As someone without children I like to theorise about them. They seem rather serious. I don't know why adults offer them things with bright colours and forced emotions, which seem rather scary. Parents, on the other hand, just hack-through all this stuff alongside the rest of life and are far better at parenting than me. Guitar Method or Intermediate Guitar Method or Bass or Rock Guitar / Voice / Violin / Ukulele / Piano - $60 x 3 ONCE x 3 or cheaper deals like $40 ONCE for Rock Guitar or the For Dummies series.

Emedia have built-up their range of music practice software since 1994 and sold Guitar Method online since 2000, making it hard to tell which editions have channels that you can mute or instant feedback. Apparently the songs and exercises with an ear on the top right of the screen give instant feedback.
Toptenreviews writes that fretboard software does not give instant feedback. Another review site says the guitar software includes a teacher singing over each track, which can't be turned-off. lists keyboard software reviews. It had trouble with Windows 10. It has "Candle in the Wind" as an exercise. It's very robotic.  Reviews on the guitar and fretboard page here overalap with this keyboard page.

The company have their own promotional video, last changed seven years ago in 2014: . There's a discount code under the video.

Some courses are sold as beginner and advanced methods @ $60 each, while one for Rock Guitar and the "For Dummies" branded versions are about $30-40. A note on one of the half-price "for dummies" editions explains that it is "approximately equal" to half a Guitar Method edition, so maybe all the dummies editions are half length. Or maybe they cut costs in other ways. It's hard to know without a lot of nit-picking through the website or maybe asking.

""We do not yet have the feature where someone could import a MIDI or XML, although both of those are currently in development - do not have a release date" " All eMedia Products have a set course and course material."

School licences available. 

Yamaha Smart Pianist - free for three very expensive types of Yamaha piano only The models are CSP-150, CSP-170, and a baby grand. They are priced in thousands and there aren't any on ebay.

Their list of keyboard apps includes flowkey as well, but it's a pay-by-the-month thing. for 5-11 year-olds $10 monthly $60 yearly

This can monitor a piano keyboard via microphone or midi.

Piano Marvel $16 monthly sometimes reduced to $13

Free trial month. Ugly and a bit buggy but includes a list of things the others don’t all do. Songs $4 $14 monthly $99 yearly

There may be something for free - its a child’s textbook kind of thing with “academy” and “pro” written at the top $18 monthly or $120 yearly

 for Mac IoS and Windows

Flowkey $20 monthly or $120 yearly $360 once; free month and 8 lessons 

Good looking. Rare acoustic option. If you’ve got a new Yamaha keyboard, register it to get a 3 month free voucher as a reward. It suits a tablet that you put on the piano music stand

Keyboard training software reviews , including whether the app runs on android; lots are Windows Mac or IOS. or nearly identical: … summary

Yousician has microphone-based lessons piano fretboard +voice 

$20 monthly; ? half price if you pay a year in advance, fifteen minutes a day free for the first weeks' trial. On the smartphone app stores you don't see the price straight away; it's in with the free ones.

Simply Piano from Joytunes £119 yearly

tries to recognise sounds from your keyboard . Android and other systems. ... says that it's hard to cancel the trial subscription also sell Simply Guitar, Piano Miestro and Piano Dustbuster. Supplied with Casio’s £50 Rockjam piano but there is probably a catch - I thought casio users got casiomusicacadamy aka gigajam $20 monthly $120 yearly

No time limit on the free version with 25 free exercises. Good review as a relaxed stylish option. If you come back to the site after a while there might be a special offer. The company in Germany only has software for keyboards.  $30 monthly or $150 yearly for Drums / Piano

For Windows 10 64-bit, some IOS and OSX, used with midi keyboards, drum kits, and pad controllers.

Large collection of videos and online lessons graded by difficulty. If you like piano-roll notation - dots falling down the screen like a waterfall - then there's instant feedback on how well you play to the notation; it doesn't mention practising from drum tab or staves as far as I can see. Melodics have been known to knock $50 off their annual price at sale times.

Pianote $200 yearly

spin-off of Drumeo. The idea is that you "join" and there is a lot of video content, lots of course material, and with all that to back you up they can offer a very small amount of feedback on videos of you playing. The organisation is like a broadcaster; it produces videos all the time. Like Melodics, the firm started selling help to drummers who usually have to pay more than keyboardists for technical reasons. They still set a price to suit drummers. $49 monthly $599 yearly

Tempts you to try to earn the money back as a self-trained music teacher on teaching club from the same company.  Implausible claims about the recognition of this teaching and Globalmusiceducation standards. Well: false claims to be honest like "recognised by Oxford": what's that meant to mean if not a false claim?

Buying keyboards for practice

I don't know what to make of the prices on Gear4music so I don't know how to compare with
Ebay, > Musical Instruments & DJ Equipment > Pianos, Keyboards & Organs >  along with local charity shops, online classifieds sites, and pawnbrokers which in the UK are Cash Converters + Cash Generator. To complicate further, some Casio keyboards come with a special offer on teaching software, but is the offer time-limited or limited to the first keyboard owner to sign-up? 

A quick search found a School of Rock link that says why it's impossible to recommend a keyboard without asking more questions, and another from Musicradar that assumes the answers to those questions and gives some ideas for £200 new delivered in the UK. Synthasiagame goes even further and suggests three from in the US via affiliate links, also on (who give a very small commission via a cashback site you might want to sign-up to) 

Buying amplifiers and headphones

Lots of keyboards have amplifiers and even speakers built-in.
Old computer speakers with built-in amplifiers might be in the back of your drawer already or second hand for next to nothing.

Angel and Curve's Carboncam headphones are made in Birmingham and more affordable on Ebay (Sennheiser are assembled in China). An ideal guide would list things made in democratic welfare states with good human rights records, but that's a hard list to put together. Nice things sound better though.

If you want to stay sane, do not attempt to cut-and-paste every app from Google play online under " 'learn piano' free " and classify them. 'learn keyboard midi' might find a shorter better list. I would not do it again, but for curiosity, this is what came-up.

Chordify comes-up on a search of Google Play for " 'learn piano' free " There are other similar. It extracts some of the chords or the notes from an audio signal or an audio file, probably not in real time.

Halbestunde: Learn Piano & Sheet Music Reader from Halbestunde. The full version is $12 a month and exports pdf versions of scores. 

Notation Pad - sheet music score composer from Song Studio. Also Guitar Notation - Tabs Chords. Exports as MIDI, music XML, but not PDF

Piano Transcription Boris Shakhovsky, a free open source program on Windows and Android. App recognizes the notes you play on real piano and highlights them in real-time. It may help you to learn the chords of some MIDI-file. Transcription is not completely accurate from sound or sound file such as MP3 to MIDI.

Piano2Notes - Convert Piano Music to Notes from Klangio GmbH. They also do a more general Melody2Notes. The piano version gets reasonable reviews althugh "far from perfect", say the programmers. came-up in the same search, which sells classical "sheet music" that can have some parts removed if you prefer. $10 a month after a trial. It sounds as though this might be midi music.

Video collections listed on an app

How to learn piano fast and easy from NOVELTY APPS is a contents page to their video collection of piano lessons "without theory".

Play Piano lessons 2021 from Bromo Happy Apps

Kena Opus - Music Learning and Practice Hard to know what this is without a closer look, but some of it is a contents list of video lessons.

Learn Piano Keyboard from OsaMa Soft is a contents page to their video lessons for Iraqi and Arabic songs, on keyboards such as Korg or Yamaha.

Learn to play piano step by step from Adolph Wolf apps who will also teach carpentry and other things

myGurukul - Learn Flute, Violin, Tabla & Sitar from Vivek Music Solutions Pvt Ltd

PianoClass (Piano / lessons / practice / learning) from Soundleader. Also an app. No sign of midi or microphone monitoring of what you play. Korean.

Piano In 21 Days from Jacques Hopkins. I'm not sure what this is. There is a wait list.

PianoVideoLessons is the app version of the FREE full Year 1 Piano Lessons Course available from

Keyboard reference and teach-yourself exercises

Free Piano with play-along songs, contains ads from "When internet is unbearably slow, fridge is empty and weather keeps people indoors – we do some programming. Mainly – apps for kids like Coloring Book or Little Piano."

Learn how to play Piano from Apps Musycom; also Piano Sheet Reading, Drum Sheet Reading, Learn to Play Bass Guitar.

Free Piano Learn Offline App Download Play Songs from Beatrix - show songs and guides on a tablet to teach yourself simple piano-playing. Also Guitar App Offline Free Learning and Playing Songs, and app to reduce snoring. There's no sign of software to tell you if you have hit the right note but there are textbook pages and guides.

Learn to play Piano easy. Piano course a chord demonstrator from Cerezo Rojo. Also Online Violin Course. Learn to play violin and How to learn to Play Accordion step by step

Learn to Play Piano Songs with Online Pianist from OnlinePianist N.T LTD. Soon to accept MIDI, like the keyboard practice software at the top of the list, and similar in the range of demonstration modes and monthly subscription, starting at about £30 a quarter. There's a website at for more, including a mouse-keyed piano.

My Piano Assistant Piano chord reference from Alexander Mishkovets

Pianizator from 
who have some functions on their little-known web site:

Piano Chords & Scales (free) a reference app from which lists dozens of reference apps - other versions have Guitar or Ukelele as default

Piano Companion from finds chords from keys or name and plays them. From Songlive who also wrote Chord IQ exercises in notes, chords, scales, and singing to pitch, and Piano Chord(s), Scale Companion. The Pro version of that is £8.49 Songtive: Compose on Walk is a composing tool also on the web site and for IOS, with some reference and networking tools. Reviews say that it doesn't export work.

Piano Partner - Learn Piano Lessons & Music App iogames DD. Pictures show a tablet next to a real piano. Results can be scored. It isn't clear whether these are results of playing on the virtual keys on the tablet screen, or playing real piano keys. There is a monthly cost but it isn't clear what that is/

Piano Flashcards from Uriel Frankel: note recognition exercise with scoring.

Piano instrumental - play and Learn Music from AppForEntertainment. The same app works for drums and guitar. Not clear what it does without a download.

Piano Learning App: Piano Course And Lessons from Riafy Technologies. Reviewed as a paid version of free ones.

Piano Lessons - Learn piano by RStream labs. No web site. No monitoring of what you play. Freemium.

Piano With Free Songs to Learn from On Beat Limited; also Piano Music & Video Studio, maybe to video yourself singing Kareoke

Real Piano Play Keyboard from Videos Status Zone. Windows - so laptops and cheap old phones - as well as Android. Pictures show a useful play-along stave and keyboard diagram to use with a real keyboard instrument. There's mo mention of microphone of midi monitoring of what you play

Simple Real Piano Teacher from ninedigital who aren't good at explaining what it does

Complete Piano Chord and Learn Piano Chords Step by Step from Aqila lists some low-resolution pictures of piano chords and ads, say reviews.

Complete Music Reading Trainer, Complete Rhythm TrainerComplete Ear Trainer and teacher apps from Binary Guilt. Neat looking. Up to £29.

Learn Music Theory with Sonid from Tocado Vision who wrote Fretty: Chords and Scales for Guitar as well. and its Guitar extension are the web site for the apps. There are links to 30-second videos on the points to absorb, excercises, and tests. They're both fremium apps.

Learn to play the piano from CoolFreeApps. A fremium app. There's not much more information about it online so it goes here.

Virtual pianos - 60+ of them waiting for a purpose in a virtual piano bin

- on the same list of android apps so worth a mention just to weed them out. This list is from 2021.10 and won't be updated. Now I know why common search terms on google play include "offline" such as "learn piano offline". Some of these have some play-along songs included and could just as easily be in the section above.

Accordion Piano, Accordion Diatonic and Accordion Chromatic from GMobiler

Best Learning Piano - Real Piano Keyboard from Pqanayt Apps. Reviews say it's hard to use a keyboard if it's on a phone screen.

Best Piano Keyboard 2021 from Mobi Softech

chaotic piano - Pocket Grand Piano app from eddy records - good reviews

Easy Piano from Four4 Arts demonstrates how to play nursery rhymes on a brightly coloured keyboard 

Easy Piano from SOFT MY GAMES - fewer functions - better looking

Electronic Organ, Piano, Guitar, violin & Drum Pad from Sysapp Tools Studio. Meaning that the virtual keyboard notes can be applied to samples from other instruments as in a lot of these.

Flute (Piano) from Benanapp is set with the flute as default instrument instead of an option . Also Organ Instrument and Air Horns or Sirens

Learn piano from mipaisinventado gets bad reviews because you would not want to learn piano-playing on a phone screen.

Learn to play piano Piano online course from Musica Clasica - course gets bad reviews

Loop Piano - Melody Maker from Music Topia, LLC. who sell several music apps. Create synth and drum sequences with a 4-track song writer 

Luminous Virtual Piano, good-looking from Budali Studios; also Real Cajun, Real Kalimba, and Anatomy 3D.

Free Full Piano Keyboard from Wang wei devlopers. Contains ads.

Learn Typing from EliasWilliam is nothing to do with piano but comes-up on the same search. I won't copy others unless relevant. There are some apps from Casio that don't crop-on on this search but show as "relevant". I will have a look for these.

Music Keyboard from Palmsoft Entertainment

My Piano - Record & Play  Trajkovski Labs . 16 instrument samples included or sample your own; your voice for example. They also wrote "My Guitar - solo and chords" which might be more useful than a virtual piano.

My Piano Phone and the small childrens' version, Go Piano from Son Lam Media. Various instruments playable, with "flying notes or sheet music". It implies that you can get hold of songs to play somehow 

ORG Organ from LTE App Tools Studio - badly reviewed - default sound is organ rather than the usual piano but you can change it

Pianist HD : Piano + from Rubycell Entertainment

Piano Genius from Jeremy Zheng with nursery rhymes

Professional Piano & DJ Mixer from Pro Djz - more than a vitual piano - loops - I don't understand it

Real Piano Keyboard from Krishna Appsoft

Real Piano Keyboard Instrument Learning Harmonia from Mr AB Games and Apps

Real Piano Learning Keyboard 2021 from UrbanStudio - not clear what this does that got it 10,000,000 downloads; something to do with learning.

Real Piano Master from Victory Games Studio contains ads and play-along tunes.

Real Piano : Music Keyboard from Creative Photo Tools

Real Piano-Piano Keyboard from Sumeru Sky Developer has a midi-in and midi-out function to connect a midi keyboard or midi drum pads, which could be why this gets good reviews. You can slow-down or speed-up a piece of music as well. They also wrote Real Guitar Music Player but don't mention MIDI connections for that.

Real Piano and Play Piano from isa-aygün. Allows two keyboards per screen. Labelled keys.

Real Pink Piano from MEOW CAT GAMES

Pianist HD : Piano + from Rubycell Entertainment can record as MIDI to compare with other Pianist HD recordings from round the world. Maybe that's why it gets good reviews.

Piano , Piano-Accordion, Violin, Melodion (button Accordion), Toy PianoOcorina wind instrument from Egert

Piano - play and learn from Gismart shows notes as a waterfall above the keyboard, like a piano roll. They also wrote Piano - Music Keyboard & Tiles  which is an adult version, and Drum Pads - Beat Maker Go, Wedrum aka Drum Kit Music Simulator, as well as  Real Guitar - Music Band Game

Piano - play and learn free songs from

Piano with Aquarium from dayYom: Play the piano on the background of high quality fish and background, and enjoy the underwater scenery.

Piano Keyboard from Lilas Games Interactive

Piano Keyboard from Millennium Creativity Apps. 3D animation.

Piano Keyboard and Pro from Mello Gang, includes some free lessons

Piano Keyboard – Play Piano & Learn Real Piano from AireoTech

Piano Keyboard from Golden Creative Apps Studio

Piano Melody and Piano Melody Pro, from Learn to Master. The free one has 100 sings included; pro costs $19. They who also publish a guitar chord training app and a Learn to Sing, as well as Piano Chords and Piano Ear Training, both £19 after the first month for an add-free version Learn to sing gives feedback on your singing, as a lot of singing apps do.

Play Piano from Edhub Games

Play Piano from Jazzy Worlds. Ads pop-up mid-song according to reviews.

Play Piano : Piano Notes | Keyboard | Hindi Songs from Fingertips Apps. There are training aids like a chance to slow down the music and see staves next to the keys if you want to learn this way.

Play Piano keyboard: Real Piano Music Learn from Full Moon. This looks at a glance like a virtual piano and demonstration of how to play some chords and tunes that you can keep next to a real piano when looking for ideas

Professional Piano & DJ Mixer Pro Djz. More than a virtual piano. Loops.

Pocket piano – Realistic piano learning keyboard from Red Cliff Apps Studio

Real Piano Perfect – Music Piano Keyboard NSolApps

Real Piano from isa-aygün allows two keyboards on a smartphone or tablet

Real Piano Learning Keyboard 2021 from UrbanStudio - sexist

Real Piano - Play and Learn Piano Keyboard 2018 from BHG Apps includes a freestyle, learn, and game mode

Simple Piano Pro Plus and GM ORG LITE from GameLachi - bright coloured keys labelled with note letters and Do-Re-Me.

Sintetizador Musical: Piano y Percusiones Apps Studio CC. Comes with play-along music for latin american tastes "inspired by Cumbia and its latin american variants" and optional percussion tracks alongside. In Spanish.

Strings and Piano Keyboard from ArnBB Design, also Drums Percussion and Timpani, and Steel Drums, each with a Pro version

Virtual Piano 2021 from Frega Games who also wrote Everyone Piano 2021 for sharing.  You can plug-in a midi keyboard to this piano sythesiser, if there isn't one already on the keyboard.

Virtual Piano Keyboard from Alyaka who have similar apps for French Horn, Saxaphone and more

Virtual Piano Keyboard Free from Netfocus Universal Apps. Has a Learn to Play Mode with a large collection of piano songs to choose from

The Music History Handbook

The Music History Handbook is available online from .  It is not yet available via book wholesale and retaile: you can only get it online.

Rehearse Direct and Play

Software and apps don't help you play or jam or rehearse with other people, a band or "ensemble"as some people call it. A piece of UK legislation in the 1990s (if I have got this right) suggested that pupils should learn to "rehearse direct and play" in an "ensemble", but didn't say where the teaching money would come from! This booklet was printed and re-printed as a cheap pocket guide to read when you are on a bus to a rehearsal and unable to read your tablet or smartphone. It uses a technology called print on paper, but is still only £3.50+ postage: cheaper than a lot of apps.