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Voice and singing feedback software

I don't know much about...

Singing and voice practice software that gives you instant feedback

These apps cropped-up when listing drum keyboard & guitar learning apps, cheapest ones are at the top. Performous describes itself as a shared Karaoke game, with feedback on singing, compatible with drums, so it's at the end. These aren't tested or selected by a singing teacher or any of the book authors on this site - they just cropped-up. Most of the other links are suggested rather than linked, because the precise links change too quickly, but they give an idea. A P2P site that works for instrument hire and a cashback site for ebay  Musicroom, Instruments4Music & Bax-shop are the only links that help pay for this site. There is no temptation to leave-out cheap or free software just because it provides no paid link.

Vocalizzo Lite FREE but $6 for extra exercises. Open source.

Android has an update list and links to source computer code. has a description FREE with advertising

IOS and Android. Good for warmups describes it

My ear training FREE for the personal edition

For Android IOS and web. There are also teachers and students editions which connect with each other online and some of th oese are probably paid-for. describes it FREE $1 ONCE to remove ads; exercises $4 or $5 once

For IOS 9+ or MAC 11+
It can import music XML files of whatever song you can find in that format, and use the file as your exercise.

Vanido FREE for exercises sent on a schedule; €4 monthly or €24.49 yearly to get them all at once

Imports sings from Apple Music and Spotify describes it's Voice Training - Learn to Sing FREE with ads on exit

IOS and Android with a basic interface
Free with ads on exit, and in-app purchases
There are plenty of reviews under the app on Google Play. describes it for Saxophone / Clarinet / Piano/ Guitar / Ukulele/ Mandolin / Trumpet / Recorder / Viola / Voice @ €39.90 ONCE

For Windows 10. The price is €14.90 if you don't buy the editor functions that can import and tidy-up music XML scores to practice on your own choice of music. 60 exercises included. The editor can be bought separately for €29.90. If you wait long enough, there might be a discount code on the order page.

Correct notes are highlighted in green on a karaoke stave, with "super" written at the top

Fingering is shown in diagrams for each instrument as you play - the songs2see video channel -  shows some detail. £35 or £69 ONCE with a trial

For Windows and some versions of Mac $49 ONCE

from the Band In A Box people. Musical Arcade is a separate bundle. Guitar Method or Intermediate Guitar Method or Bass or Rock Guitar / Voice / Violin / Ukulele / Piano - $60 x 3 ONCE x 3 or cheaper deals like $40 ONCE for Rock Guitar or the For Dummies series.

Emedia have built-up their range of music practice software since 1994 and sold Guitar Method online since 2000, expanding their range and the technology very gradually. You may have met someone who used a previous version of an Emedia course.

The company have their own promotional video, last changed seven years ago in 2014: . There's a discount code under the video.

It's hard to tell...

  • Whether you can turn-off the singing when you play one of their exercise songs, like "candle in the wind" for the 50th time. There might be other differences like this which I haven't discovered, such as whether a song can be slowed-down and whether the difficult bits can be rehearsed as a loop.
  • Whether the software can judge your pitch on a scale of 1-5, on songs that have an "ear" symbol, and if so how many of the songs have an ear symbol.

It is clear that you're stuck with the songs the songs that come with the course; you can't import any. I asked.

  • "We do not yet have the feature where someone could import a MIDI or XML, although both of those are currently in development - do not have a release date" " All eMedia Products have a set course and course material."

Emedia offer more than one software title and price per instrument, so you have to guess

  • Whether the cheaper software has fewer exercises
    Whether the cheaper software has less interesting exercises, such as nursery rhymes instead of Elton John, or the other way around. 
  • A note on one of the half-price "for dummies" editions explains that it is "approximately equal" to half a Guitar Method edition, so maybe all the dummies editions are half length.

Toptenreviews writes that fretboard software does not give instant feedback. Another review site says the guitar software includes a teacher singing over each track, which can't be turned-off. lists keyboard software reviews. It had trouble with Windows 10. It has "Candle in the Wind" as an exercise. It's very robotic.  Reviews on the guitar and fretboard page here overlap with this keyboard page.

Some courses are sold as beginner and advanced methods @ $60 each, while one for Rock Guitar and the "For Dummies" branded versions are about $30-40. School licences available. Their home market is Seattle, USA. £59.95 ONCE £4 monthly £35 yearly

Some of their software is free including a trial with the first few lessons, and some theory software. $67 ONCE including Singorama Mini Recording Studio, which gives feedback

I've emailed to ask what feedback and how automated. The site also has a free download course or singing tips.

Yousician has microphone-based lessons piano fretboard +voice. $20 monthly

$20 monthly; ? half price if you pay a year in advance, fifteen minutes a day free for the first weeks' trial. On the smartphone app stores you don't see the price straight away; it's in with the free ones has a version with "progress tracking" $150 ONCE

There are so many more vocal training apps on Google Play, often giving feedback on your singing, that I've stuck to the ones reviewed on other sites. FREE IF IT WORKS: The All in One Music Game for Drums / Vocals / ... -  open source  for desktop computers

"Pick up your microphone and start singing. The game won't just score your performance but your pitch is constantly displayed so you can correct the mistakes ... a karaoke mode is provided. In this mode only lyrics are displayed and there are no notes or scoring."

For "A computer that can run 3D games (doesn't need to be fast)".

Opened for me on a Windows 10 desktop PC but not a similar laptop. Also designed for Mac and Linux. I'm not sure how to test this and find out more about what it does. A separate download is called Composer, for importing songs in "various formats including Frets on Fire Midi", so you are in with a chance if you want to try and import songs. I don't know how much quicker  it is if you don't need the karaoke lyrics.

Apart from drums and vocals, there are settings for "dance mat" and "5 button guitar controller".
Unusually, different players can use the software at the same time together; it is designed for shared Karaoke. is the Youtube demo. 

"Playing drums is like the real thing, especially if you happen to be lucky enough to have one of those professional MIDI drum sets. For the rest of us the el cheapo band game controllers will have to do."

Drums | Guitar and strings | Keyboard | Voice | Wind are some notes on finding music practice software.

The Music History Handbook

The Music History Handbook is available online from .  It is not yet available via book wholesale and retail: you can only get it here online. It is in a different style than this web site - much more expert and neutral, with original research and explanations, as well as links to videos of most of the pieces described, so you can listen to the pieces and read about them.

Rehearse Direct and Play

Software and apps don't help you play or jam or rehearse with other people, a band or "ensemble"as some people call it. A piece of UK legislation in the 1990s (if I have got this right) suggested that pupils should learn to "rehearse direct and play" in an "ensemble", but didn't say where the teaching money would come from! This booklet was printed and re-printed as a cheap pocket guide to read when you are on a bus to a rehearsal and unable to read your tablet or smartphone. It uses a technology called print on paper, but is still only £3.50+ postage: cheaper than a lot of apps.