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A complete guide to MIDI sequencing - bridging the gulf between music and technology guides. 20 complete pieces to record, ranging from Bach to the Blues, Gershwin to the Muppets. With tips on playing, editing and voicing. It also covers synthesizer techniques, writing drum patterns and bass riffs, using MIDI controllers, quantization and more.

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Willam Lloyd & Paul Terry


"recipes" for pieces ranging from Bach to the Muppets ... introduced to an impressive array of purely musical topics -- Music Teacher

A brilliant, unique book. Highly recommended. -- Sound on Sound

The answer to the struggling sequencer user's prayers ... well defined with a clean layout -- Home & Studio Recording

bringing together elements of conventional and computer-based musical composition ... a "must have" for musicians -- The Mix

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 March 2014 by J A Y

Clear and Simple:
Provides basic step by step guidance to midi sequencing. A bit dated but still useful. I found it the easiest book of its type to follow from my growing collection. Well pleased.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 February 2011 by Art60
Slightly Outdated
Written about twenty years ago, this guide was a "must" for sure.
Today, sequencer software are a lot much complex but they all aim to create music.
So, if you are new to sequencing, if you can buy it cheap, go ahead, the basics, learning curve and exercises it offers won't be time you'll loose.


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Pages 112
Publisher Musonix Publishing, UK, 1996

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